I want to go into town so much but everyone has work or other friends. this is shittt.

So i’ve just spent about £75 on stuff from new look and topshop, including a dress, heels, and clutch bag, plus some other little things.

Its a beautiful day. 

I can’t decide whether I like this dress or not, its only £30, hm decisionsss.

I can’t decide whether I like this dress or not, its only £30, hm decisionsss.


i just heard my mom yelling “YOU MOTHERFUCKER” and i was worried my parents were having a fight so i went downstairs to check it out but when i got there my dad was just giggling hysterically and all i could see was a pile of uno cards with a +4 card at the top

Let It Go - Multi--language "Behind The Mic" version (from "Frozen")

I love this 

The male does not merely name women evil; he exterminates nine million women as witches because he has named women evil. He does not merely name women weak; he mutilates the female body, binds it up so that it cannot move freely, uses it as a toy or ornament, keeps it caged and stunted because he has named women weak. He says that the female wants to be raped; he rapes. She resists rape; he must beat her, threaten her with death, forcibly carry her off, attack her in the night, use knife or fist; and still he says she wants it. She says no; he claims it meant yes. He names her ignorant, then forbids her education. He does not allow her to use her mind or body rigorously, then names her intuitive and emotional. He defines femininity and when she does not conform he names her deviant, sick, beats her up, slices off her clitoris (repository of pathological masculinity), tears out her womb, lobotomizes or narcotizes her (perverse recognition that she can think, though thinking in a woman is named deviant).

Andrea Dworkin (via yoursocialconstructsareshowing)







Watch the video of this incredible advert


so fucking sad

Just shows me that people love to bitch, but they don’t like to really do anything about what they’re bitching about.

Its really sad.


Well you couldn’t help them either so what’s the point in pointing your finger

Most people can´t afford to go and buy blankets to share all around

those who can should but those are the very people who are the problem most of the time

Disney and Pixar Sings Let it Go

this is possibly the best cover of let it go ever

What, So I Can't Even Act Like My Subordinate Coworkers Only Have Their Jobs Because They're Hot Anymore?


Ask A Manager, 12 March 2014:

I was written up at work yesterday due to a single comment that I made. Last week, I was frustrated with a woman employee who failed to meet a deadline on a simple task (not the first time she’s done this) and, while blowing off steam, one of the things I said was…